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Ethics Is An Essential Conversation and The Key Is An Emphasis On Personal Ethics

How can ethics not be an essential conversation in our lives and how can we avoid practicing personal ethics? The answer to both parts is actually quite simple. We can throw words around as loose as the wind blows, but practicing personal ethics; and implementing our morals, principles, and values on a daily basis is […]

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Is My Company Ethical? Honesty, You, Your Company, & Personal Ethics

If honesty really is the best policy, it makes sense to take an honest look at your company, yourself, and your personal ethics. First, determining how ethical your company is takes time and newer employees can only hope to have some handle on this. There are the obvious clues that help like companies having good […]

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Office whistleblowing

Sobering Year For EEOC Discrimination & Retaliation Complaints-Personal Ethics

Is there anything good about 2010 being a record year for EEOC complaints filed and what does this say about our progress being made in personal ethics? The EEOC received almost 100,000 workplace discrimination complaints in 2010 representing a 7.1% increase over 2009. For you statistics buffs, this is over twice our inflation rate in […]

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Holiday Wishes, Hopes, Dreams and Personal Ethics

What is a good doctrine to deploy that would put us on a new path to better personal ethics? As Christmas and a New Year draws near, I can think of a few possibilities. 1) I am one of seven billion people on this planet. I am no important than a grain of sand on […]

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Definition of Ethics-Need for Personal Ethics

Personal ethics at its core definition is the process of learning what is right and wrong, then doing what is right. It is anything but black and white and requires knowledge coming from teachers, parents, educators, pastors, community leaders and a host of quality sources. I maintain that personal ethics comprising of morals, principles, and values […]

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What Are You Afraid Of? Poor Managers-Business Ethics

Poor managers cost companies a lot of money and are the main source of bad business ethics. They are scary because they are blind to their own weaknesses, and feel empowered for the wrong reasons. In an age and time when the economy is skating sideways, poor managers prevent productivity gains and drive away talent. […]

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