Holiday Wishes, Hopes, Dreams and Personal Ethics

What is a good doctrine to deploy that would put us on a new path to better personal ethics?

As Christmas and a New Year draws near, I can think of a few possibilities.

1) I am one of seven billion people on this planet. I am no important than a grain of sand on a beach. I am no important than a drop of water leaving my finger from a cup. I better know my place.

2) On the step ladder of importance, I am on step eight, nine, or ten. At the very least, my faith, family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and others I don’t know must be on higher steps.

3) I will not harbor resentments, vengeful feelings, or ill will toward others leading to poor personal ethics and behavior.

4) I will not be greedy and arrogant.

5) I will not be egotistical, self-serving, self-centered, or self-righteous.

6) I will conduct my life with grace and humility always.

If you want to lead a meaningful life, you need to practice good personal ethics daily.

There are no shortcuts and easy paths. Step up to the plate and make your mark.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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