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Personal Ethics:  It All Starts Here

Ethics cannot take a backseat or be a step child to any other function or activity in the organization.  Every employee must be accountable and responsible for their conduct.This session is for everyone and is meant to provide a foundation to deal with moral dilemmas of all kinds.  We will discuss the significance of principles and values as a base foundation.  We will build individual purpose/mission statements that dovetail into the construction of a moral compass.  This discussion can vary from 1-3 hours without limitations to audience size.

Assessing Your Company Culture: It Starts With Surveys & Interviews

Most companies think they are ethical and operate positive cultures. We typically find this to be overstated by the leadership team. A business is only as ethical as the people who run it. Lenses tend to be narrow at the leadership level. The levels of honesty, transparency, equality, and fairness often short of where they need to be that would attract new employees to the enterprise and mitigate overall risk. 

We believe that independent expertise from the outside in the way of surveys and interviews on a departmental basis can dissect the true culture of any organization. Companies with active and independent Board of Directors often initiate these tasks to understand the real pulse. MPV Ethics assumes the lead role to collect this information, communicate feedback, and make valuable recommendations to the leadership team moving forward. The length of this process depends on the size and total locations of the specific company; always mindful of customizing a project with costs that meet needs.

How To Protect You and Your Organization From Fraud

Some level of fraud is in play in every organization whether the leadership team acknowledges it or not. As people are your greatest asset or potentially your greatest liability, the ability to create values based cultures that address employees, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, shareholders, & the communities you serve is vital to your long-term success.

We help you to institute rigorous controls in sales, purchasing, logistics, inventory, and finance that can mitigate risk and prevent fraud from happening. This type of customized project can range in scope from one week to a longer period of time depending on the existing systems and compliance mechanisms in place.

Keynote Speaking: 

I am available to address Board of Directors, any new product offerings or services announcement meetings, national or regional sales meetings, conventions, or incentive trips for employees. Fees and expenses can be tailored to meet your needs and the specific audience being addressed.