“I haven’t known Mark for long, but I continue to be impressed at every meeting with his openness about his experiences and strong feelings for the value of ethical behavior. I have heard Mark speak on two different occasions to dramatically different groups. His approach to delivering real value in his encounters is refreshing and approachable. As Mark says, “People continue to take shortcuts that inevitably lead them down dangerous paths.” There is a realistic quality to his presentations that make you realize that you could easily be as vulnerable as anyone else. I hope to hear Mark speak again soon.” September 9, 2011

Senior Product Manager for Best Buy via Digital People

Bob Gazich-

Owner, Tap Your Potential and Management Consulting Consultant.  Assistant Professor of Management – College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, Adjunct Professor – Argosy University – Twin Cities

“As a college professor I recognize the importance of highlighting for students the challenges they will likely face in today’s organizational environment. I invited Mark to speak on a couple of occasions to my classes about his story and more importantly his message on the necessity of ethical behavior. His story is real, fascinating and thought provoking.”


August 1, 2011

Dear Mark,

Thank you for speaking at the 17th Annual MNCPA Management & Business Advisors Conference on June 27, 2011.  The Society, its members, and the planning task force greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into the preparation and delivery of your presentation.

There were 719 attendees at the year’s conference.  Of these attendees, approximately 35% provided valuable feedback regarding the conference and its individual sessions.  Your session received the following evaluation scores (5= excellent and 1=poor) and comments.

   Business Ethics: Lessons Learned From Ethical Lapses

   Knowledge of Subject                       4.74

   Presentation Skills                            4.56

   Engagement of Participants             4.61

   Relevancy of Topic                             4.76

   Stated Objectives Met                       4.68

   Overall Satisfaction                            4.73

   * Amazing story!  Thank you for sharing!

   * Great topic and an outstanding reminder of the importance of ethics in the profession.

   * Excellent presentation!  Very powerful and one that I will never forget.

   * One of the best ethics classes I have ever had.  It makes you think now and will help me 

       in the future if I ever encounter something feels unethical and not right.

Mark, it was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you again for speaking at this conference 

and contributing to its overall success.


Lynn Kletscher                                                                                                                                                                                                         Conference Manager                                                                                                                                                                                               Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants


“I had the pleasure of hosting Mark in an Ethical Leadership presentation at the University of Minnesota Rochester in December of 2010.  In that seminar, Mark outlined his crime and provided significant insights for my MBA ethics students as well as the many Rochester community members who attended. Mark did an outstanding job in every regard. He was honest and reflective and very candid during the many difficult questions posed by the audience. Students overwhelmingly indicated that they learned a great deal from the session and were impressed with Mark’s presentation. A few comments from students included the following: *This is a great presentation and I hope you continue to do these presentations throughout the country.  Keep up the great work! *I really enjoyed the presentation. I thought it was informative as well as precautionary.  Mark’s story was one that I think anybody in business can relate to. “