The Essence of Now

Scan any given profession or field and locate the most successful people. These high impact individuals seem to embrace and understand the essence of now.

While easy to think ahead or glance over our shoulders, the most important question is how to be in the moment or what I call the essence of now.

Before we delve into some practical steps, let’s immediately scrap the mindless resolutions for 2018 and the unrealistic goal setting. They are nothing more than idle bar and holiday party chat.

Don’t get me wrong…….I believe in setting goals. However, if they are not of high standards, they are worthless in my book.

What does it take to find the essence of now?

1) We must have a high level of self-awareness and discipline that temporarily disconnects now from our past or future. In other words, we focus all of our energies on the tasks at hand and are totally committed.

2) Seizing the moment is recognition of the hard work and processes we have experienced putting us in a position to make something significantly happen.

3) You earn your place at the table of opportunity. We can never perform out of fear; but must use courage to propel us purposefully.

“Opportunities are nothing more than narrow windows of hope. The more windows we open, the more opportunities convert to reality.”

Here we are in a new year. Whatever you do professionally or personally, remember that the golden prize resides in the essence of now.

My friends please remember this: respect, consideration, and courtesy matter a lot. Treat others fairly, decently, and equally.

Build your moral compasses carefully and always monitor them daily.

You know the battle cry: do your best each day. No one can ask more or less from any of us.

All the best/blessings, Mark

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