Ways To Building Ethical Cultures

There are many ways to build ethical cultures and they deserve to identified and discussed.

Due to the sheer magnitude and scope of what constitutes an ethical culture and the processes/initiatives/training that need to be fully in play, I thought we could start outlining some important areas that are relevant for all of us.

Consider the following:

1) Have a clear code of ethics- this means establishing what an organization’s values, objectives, and responsibilities are. It should provide guidance to all employees on how to deal with specific ethical situations. My suggestion is to start out with a shorter code and expand it as the business dictates.

2) Full accountability for ethics takes place at every level including the C-Suite. Every employee must be responsible and accountable for their own conduct.

3) Enforcement takes place by creating an effective and robust compliance program. Every department in an organization must operate with transparency and a commitment to mitigate risk. Decision-making carefully incorporates ethics.

4) Treat people with respect, consideration, and courtesy. Few things in life are more powerful if done with consistency.

5) Keep ethical expectations high and discuss them frequently. No organization that I know of is invulnerable to misconduct or shortcuts. Accept the inevitable and be prepared to deal with it honestly and fairly.

This is the tip of the iceberg but a good start to building a solid foundation that leads to ethical cultures.

It takes daily effort and focus to live purposeful personal and business lives.

My friends please remember this: respect, consideration, and courtesy matter a lot. Treat others fairly, decently, and equally.

Build your moral compasses carefully and always monitor them daily.

You know the battle cry: do your best each day. No one can ask more or less from any of us.

All the best/blessings, Mark


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