Transforming Ethics Into Meaningful Reality

We read codes of ethics on company websites. Sometimes we see ethics mentioned in vision or mission statements. Occasionally we see ethics written in company handbooks.

The outstanding question in limbo: are these imaginary steps or can cultures transform their values into meaningful reality?

Let’s start with a few simple concepts that can provide a foundation for any organization to build on:

1) Ethics defined: It is understanding the difference between right and wrong; then doing the right thing. I see a reasonable concerted effort by most companies to write out who they are and what they value. What I don’t see is a collective strategy to openly discuss ethics and consistently weave it into every aspect of the business. Failure to do so is a pathway to a colorful path of hazards.

2) Responsibility and accountability does not reside with legal and compliance departments. The propositions that individuals put forth is all about conversion to conduct. It is on all of us.

Ethical alchemy comes from our moral compasses.

“When we live our values we are transforming our conduct from mythical conversations into meaningful reality.” – Mark Faris

The challenge for all organizations moving into 2017 is eliminate moral imaginations and focus on transformational conduct that changes lives for the better.

Every department can break this down, integrate it into their daily arsenal, and recognize those who do the right things for the collective good of all.

My friends please remember this: respect, consideration, and courtesy matter a lot. Treat others fairly, decently, and equally.

Consult your moral compasses every chance you get and monitor your progress.

You know the battle cry: do your best each day. No one can ask more or less from any of us.

All the best/blessings, Mark


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