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My purpose is to communicate and teach the values of ethical business practices through accountability, honesty and integrity to business people in ways that improve their lives and the lives of others.
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Accountability, Responsibility, & Finger Pointing- Personal Ethics

A friend of mine said recently that an Enron type scandal might be a catalyst for new training opportunities in personal ethics. Does the recent collapse of MF Global qualify for some further analysis and consideration in the training area? Jon Corzine has an impressive background. He was the former co-CEO of Goldman Sachs, United States […]

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Faith, Spirituality, and Personal Ethics

How do we acquire our personal ethics and is this something that can be taught? Where do we receive our core morals, values, and principles from that would allow us to establish a foundation for practicing good personal ethics? These are thought provoking and deep questions that are not answered easily. In my own business […]

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Consequences of My Poor Management Decisions- Personal Ethics

Last week I was in California telling my story of wrongdoing, lack of personal ethics, and the consequences of my decisions as a former information technology executive. I was invited by one of the leading ethics organizations, The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, to speak at their quarterly gathering of corporate […]

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Sorry State of College Athletics- Bad Judgment & Personal Ethics

How did collegiate athletics get to this point where the lack of personal ethics and bad judgment continues? The money and the salaries paid to coaches continues to grow and so do the problems associated with both. It is fair to ask whether any number of coaches were dishonest people, lacked personal ethics, or were consumed […]

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Lessons From Military Training- Personal & Business Ethics

What can we apply training wise from our military that would help businesses practice better business ethics? The first thing we can do is actually take the time to train our employees and emphasize the importance of personal ethics and doing the right thing. Business ethics can’t exist without the formation and practice of personal […]

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Telling the Truth- Business Ethics

We fib a little and then we lie. Its no big deal because there wasn’t any harm done. We wonder why we don’t have better environments for business ethics. When I’m invited in by a company or organization, I promise it won’t take me long to find unaccountable and irresponsible people. They are easy to spot and generally […]

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Snowing The Snowman- Same Old Game In Business Ethics

The same old game in business ethics continues on without interruption as bosses are blind to their own employees.  What is their problem? In a large word, they are the problem and the prevailing training is missing the mark.  Despite trying to create values based cultures………. the business ethics practiced are dictated by command-and-control and […]

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Business Ethics- Is It Ethical To Have a Code of Conduct Without Enforcement?

Is it ethical to have a code of ethics if you don’t enforce it?  Is this good business ethics? I suppose I better answer this in the name of business ethics. This question was bounced around in a global group I am a member of.  Its a crazy question to ask. There are a lot […]

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Value of Ethical Training MVPEthics

The Value of Ethical Training in Companies

A friend of mine recently said to me that companies hesitate to spend money on ethical training because they feel it is difficult to demonstrate the value and benefits.  Furthermore, he suggested what the business community needs is another Enron to occur that would force company’s hands into preventing a crisis from happening.  For over twenty years, […]

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Business Ethics- Morals, Principles, & Values

As we approach the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, there will be plenty of reflection on what happened and why.  To the families who lost loved ones, they will rightfully remember, some will grieve, and others will find a way to smile. John DeVito remembers things a bit differently with his thoughts about life and ethics […]

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