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Walk Away From Corporate Shortcuts

How many shortcuts have you taken personally or in your business lives that proved to be beneficial? I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota; land of road construction where many projects are in full bloom from early April to the end of October. On the way to a meeting last week, three lanes were condensed down to […]

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Profitable business

Building Profitable and Ethical Companies

There are many companies who claim to be profitable and ethical, but a closer examination would prove otherwise. I am a fan and proponent of any holding company or privately held concern who is totally committed to building winning based teams who live their values, are ethical, and share their profits. Why? The collective rewards […]

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An Ethical Tsunami At Theranos

It’s not hard to locate an ethical tsunami in the United States. Most have not made the news yet; but the amazing drama continues at Theranos. You may have read in the past several years about this California based company: one that rose to startup stardom after promising accurate blood test results with just a […]

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Ethical angel vs. devil

A Handbook/Playbook For Building Ethical Cultures

Imagine if you were an applicant for an executive position in an organization. Would you be able to review a handbook for building ethical cultures? What if you were considering a board position. Would you be able to review a playbook for building ethical cultures? What if you are like the vast majority of workers […]

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Governing Dynamics

Ethics and Governing Dynamics

The pendulum in all organizations is beginning to swing to building cultures that are ethics driven and self-governing. It is fluid, long overdue, a response to growing pressures that are demanding accountability now and in the future. The traditional structures in organizations: boards of directors, executive teams, and workers are being shaken hard and challenged. […]

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Martin Luther King Photo

Martin Luther King’s Philosophy & Ethics

Today America remembers the life of Martin Luther King. His principles, philosophy, and ethics should be celebrated and emulated every day. They form the backbone of a man who simply wanted to make our planet more civilized, fair, kinder, and better for all humans. Dr. King’s life reminds us of the importance of ethics and […]

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Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

Ethics and Attributes of Heroes

It is fitting as 2016 winds down to consider why we are not identifying more heroes who possess ethics and attributes that are admirable. They are out there……unsung heroes and heroines who favorably impact human lives. Their stories need to be told so that the vast majority of us can see that the smallest acts […]

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Transforming Ethics Into Meaningful Reality

We read codes of ethics on company websites. Sometimes we see ethics mentioned in vision or mission statements. Occasionally we see ethics written in company handbooks. The outstanding question in limbo: are these imaginary steps or can cultures transform their values into meaningful reality? Let’s start with a few simple concepts that can provide a […]

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Making Ethics, Safety, & Wellness a Workplace Priority

There is no easy way to say it: our organizations simply are coming up way short in terms of making ethics, safety, and wellness a workplace priority. The results should not surprise any of us; worker dissatisfaction and engagement are at all-time lows in virtually every meaningful survey that is conducted. The unanswered question is […]

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Having An Ethics Hotline Is a Really Good Idea

Ethics hotlines are imperfect but add credibility for organizations trying to build values based cultures and win over skeptics. There are always some threads of truth regarding some of these imperfections like encouraging people to avoid difficult conversations and taking easy paths by making corporate calls. Or, one of my favorites that I heard firsthand […]

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