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Elementary school kids climbing on to a school bus

Teaching Ethics and Values To Our Kids

I have a simple belief that is often communicated in my presentations and training exercises. Every major problem that is taking place on our planet can be directly or indirectly linked to the lack of personal ethics and values. Think about it for a moment. It’s not hard to buy into the theory is it? […]

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Continuous Improvement on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

The Debilitating Effects of Minimal Ethics & Compliance Training

Premise #1: In-depth ethics training and compliance is an unnecessary expense; it drains available cash and yields a below average return on investment. Premise #2: New employees can ramp up more quickly by learning on the job from older employees and supervisors. Premise #3: Training takes employees away from work time that may result in […]

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Little league baseball pitcher on the mound.

Our Kids Teaching Us Ethical Conduct

Our kids teach us how to be ethical in more ways than we realize or appreciate. As ethical is broad in scope and meaning, what behaviors are they demonstrating to us that we can put to better use in our personal and business lives? Prior to discussing that, let’s cover some basics about the word ethical and […]

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Five different Olympic sports on a circular background.

The Olympics and Code of Ethics

The Olympic Games are in full swing at Rio de Janeiro and it is an event that I have since a child always tried to watch. What other event can bring together a planet of 205 nations representing over 11,000 athletes in a competition where triumph, defeat, and sportsmanship are on full display? The International […]

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Seven Years of Ethical Reflections

On July 31, 2009 my wife and two boys, then fourteen and ten years of age, drove me to a federal prison to serve time for illegally acquiring computer networking parts from a global manufacturer during 2001-2002. There is no playbook for saying goodbye to your family and no clear road maps to guide one […]

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Loaded gun aimed at you, focus on gun barrel (shallow dof)

Unspeakable Violence in America and the Lack of Moral Compasses

Recently in my town of Minneapolis-St. Paul, a black man was shot dead in his car by a police officer with his girlfriend present and their child in the back seat. He did not have a criminal record and was pulled over for having a broken tail light on his car. As the internal investigation […]

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