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Telling the Truth- Business Ethics

We fib a little and then we lie. Its no big deal because there wasn’t any harm done. We wonder why we don’t have better environments for business ethics. When I’m invited in by a company or organization, I promise it won’t take me long to find unaccountable and irresponsible people. They are easy to spot and generally […]

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Snowing The Snowman- Same Old Game In Business Ethics

The same old game in business ethics continues on without interruption as bosses are blind to their own employees.  What is their problem? In a large word, they are the problem and the prevailing training is missing the mark.  Despite trying to create values based cultures………. the business ethics practiced are dictated by command-and-control and […]

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Business Ethics- Is It Ethical To Have a Code of Conduct Without Enforcement?

Is it ethical to have a code of ethics if you don’t enforce it?  Is this good business ethics? I suppose I better answer this in the name of business ethics. This question was bounced around in a global group I am a member of.  Its a crazy question to ask. There are a lot […]

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Value of Ethical Training MVPEthics

The Value of Ethical Training in Companies

A friend of mine recently said to me that companies hesitate to spend money on ethical training because they feel it is difficult to demonstrate the value and benefits.  Furthermore, he suggested what the business community needs is another Enron to occur that would force company’s hands into preventing a crisis from happening.  For over twenty years, […]

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Business Ethics- Morals, Principles, & Values

As we approach the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, there will be plenty of reflection on what happened and why.  To the families who lost loved ones, they will rightfully remember, some will grieve, and others will find a way to smile. John DeVito remembers things a bit differently with his thoughts about life and ethics […]

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Business Ethics and Leadership

A friend of mine has been a successful national sales manager in a major division for a multi-billion dollar international company.  Business Ethics and leadership matters big time for him. Why the void of quality leadership in management today?  As I know his demeanor and temperament, he clearly falls in the bucket classified as a quality […]

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Dollars in envelope

Business Ethics And Bribes-Alive And Well

I participated in a recent global discussion on business ethics to answer a hypothetical question:  Would you or your company pay a bribe to do work in another country if this were the industry norm?  How would this affect your company’s ethic code? This was my take and specific response…. it is my view that […]

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Personal & Business Ethics

A suburban Rotary Club in Minneapolis invited me to speak on personal and Business Ethics.  Check out these stats. 1) According to the Education Testing Service in a survey of 12,000 high school students, 74% admitted to cheating to get ahead.  2) 55% of these students didn’t see a problem with cheating as others were doing […]

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The Ethics of Politicians by Mark Faris

The Business Ethics of Politicians

When will our politicians finally act ethically and demonstrate good Business Ethics? How much contempt for the truth can they continue to exhibit and flaunt the voters of this country? Their poor behavior and lack of Business Ethics needs to stop immediately.  What a horrible signal to send to us, our children included, and the […]

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Simple Thoughts in Business Ethics

Yesterday was the greatest…….  presented to 160 high school students at St. John’s University located about sixty miles northwest of Minneapolis.  It was all about simple thoughts in Business Ethics. Minnesota Business Venture is a week-long residential summer enrichment program that brings high school students and business professionals together from across the state to spend […]

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